A Guide to Buying the Best Filterless Humidifier

filterless humidifier

Looking for the best filterless humidifier?

Throughout this site you’ll find out what the advantages and disadvantages of owning a humidifier without a filter as well as unbiased filter less humidifier reviews.

I wouldn’t make it through the winter without a humidifier. My house is heated with a forced air system that makes the entire house unbearably dry. Without a humidifier I get dry skin, chapped lips, and an unquenchable thirst.

On incredibly cold winter days I would even get dehydration headaches and a sore throat.

Getting a humidifier changed this and I would not go back to living without one. I’d even use a homemade humidifier before I would go without one! I prefer a filterless humidifier for a couple reasons.

On this page you’ll find a buyer’s guide to filterless humidifiers. If you want to skip this and go right to my personal recommendations on the best filterless humidifiers to buy, please click here.

The primary reason I switched to a filterless humidifier over a regular one was the fact that my previous filtered humidifier simply stopped making replacement filters for it. I had a perfectly good humidifier, but could not use it because of the filter situation.

Another reason I like to use a filterless humidifier is the fact that you don’t have to keep paying ongoing costs to run the humidifier. Buying new filters each month can add up and it can quickly double the cost of the humidifier each year.

Now that we know the filterless humidifier benefits, we should go over the disadvantages.

The big disadvantage of this type of humidifier is that it needs to be cleaned on a daily basis. It can become a chore to clean this everyday, so it is important that you find one that is easy to clean.

Another disadvantage could be its sanitation. Some people believe that a filtered humidifier is more hygienic than one without a filter. I haven’t found this to be the case, but without proper cleaning, it could be.

Filterless Humidifier Reviews


I have a humidifier in each frequently used room and all of them are now filterless. I’ve also helped install whole house humidifiers, so I have experience with them as well.

filterless humidifierOut of all the humidifiers I have used, I’ve found the Crane Drop Shape Cool Mist Humidifier to be the easiest cool mist humidifier to use.

This humidifier is extremely easy to clean and only requires a little bit of white vinegar.

You simply put some white vinegar into it, shake, and let sit. After 20 minutes, your humidifier is nice and clean.

I’ve had other models that force you to put parts of it into a dishwasher and others that actually made you brush the heating core with a small brush. Getting to the heating core was so hard I never got the humidifier fully clean.

humidifiersAnother great humidifier is the Vicks UV 99.999% Germ Free Humidifier. This is a warm mist humidifier and is great for the coldest winter months. It has a UV chamber that kills germs and keeps mold from forming within the chamber.

I have never used the medicine chamber but it does include one for pouring soothing medicine into.

The medicine is then sent out through the warm mist so that you can breath it in and sooth sore throats and stuffy noses.

humidifierThe best humidifier I have come across is the Enviracare Warm Mist Humidifier With UV Protection EWM-220.

This humidifier has a large capacity and can run for a full 24 hours straight without being refilled. Like the Vicks model, it also has a UV component to help kill germs and mold.

I prefer a warm mist filterless humidifier over a cool mist filterless humidifier, but I should point out that some people do not like the noise them make. When this type of humidifier is on high, you can usually hear the sound of the boiling water. I find this soothing, while others do not.

Regardless of what type of humidifier you buy today, I would recommend picking up a hydrometer.


You can get these for as little as a few dollars or for as much as fifty dollars. The better the hydrometer looks, the more it will cost.

I hope these reviews help you buy the best filterless humidifier for your home.